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S​/​T Demo Cassette


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dwaltz1962 This old punker loves this album!
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Mr.K Brest nous gâte beaucoup de nos jours.
TOXIC RITES est un autre miracle du bout du monde.
Le chant, les paroles, le son, les compos, les mélodies...
On est très loin d'un punk bas du front qui n'a rien à dire.
Ces textes sont d'une actualité!
J'ai 58 ans, j'ai grandi à Brest, je vis ma vie d'adulte depuis longtemps à Rennes, et ces titres vont m'accompagner toute l'année.
"World For Sale" est déjà définitivement un des meilleurs titres de cette putain d'année 2023.
Que c'est bon !
Favorite track: World For Sale.
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IT SHALL BE OURS We're the renegades, The helpless, the scum, Can't fit in anywhere And living off the crumbs We won't stand a chance In this capitalistic world That's why we're reclaiming What must be fucking ours, It shall be ours ! We are the outcasts, The scammers, the thieves, Why would we pay for The right to fuckin live ? We're disenchanted By this selfish society If it's an ugly world Then let's fight dirty, It shall be ours ! Fair rights, decent lives, We must take what is due ! Cause everyone deserves it Not just the wealthy few !
Shit Talker 02:11
SHIT TALKER You're no rebel, Just a gullible fool, Spreading hate and lies, Won't make you look cool. Your mind is mystified By self-proclaimed preachers, Fascists in disguise, Anonymous haters... In the darkness of your room, You think you're seeing light, But all I see is gloom, Conspiracy theories, What a load of shit, Better believe in fairies, Or you're gonna lose it... Yes you are the dangerous type, Your mouth is full but you're talking shite, Don't you see what's behind the speech ? Rotten ideas well soaked in bleach. So that's it, 21st century, anybody can talk rubbish about anything, And that's telling the truth ? Have we got nothing better to do ? Nothing better to build ? It's just another way of dividing people, You don't have to believe anything you hear! We know the system is fucked and we know well why, so there's no need for paranoia, no time to lose on some groundless theories which are an open door to xenophobic and racist ideas... Obscurantism has led us into the darkest hours of our history, We must ban this kind of talk, We must stick to the facts, we must fight the real fights ! Don't be another victim, Try to think for yourself, Sort out information, Pay attention where you step. Suppositions, allegations, speculations, Fuck your mind up , get you nowhere, get us NOWHERE !!
TOURIST FARCE Planning our next vacation, In a distant, mysterious country Where people are struggling to make a living, How exciting this is gonna be... Life there is so cheap, The sun shines every day The locals are so nice They do exactly what we say. Take a look at these people, Must be hard for them to be so poor, Now let's go back to the hotel room, Where we will feel more secure... We're not here to mingle, To share or to understand, We're just here for the sun, To spend money and get a nice tan. Messing up the sacred grounds, Disturbing local wildlife, Cheap food and free massage, A single wish is your command, You're feeling so superior, And glad with this behaviour, But taking a few pictures Won't make you any wiser. You don't see any problem, With this farce you call 'tourism' But the way you act in these countries Just reeks of colonialism. You think the world is yours, 'Cause you have the right colour of skin, You have the passport, you have the money, you have everything that they need...
Tied Hands 02:27
TIED HANDS Brainwashed in school, work and suffer for your country You've been taught to forget pleasures, cause they don't bring any money, They don't want you to create but just do what you're told, Your future is obstructed if you choose a different road. Tied hands for the masters plans, Tied hands are gonna break their chains. Crushing the people, and leaving them dead, Fear and stressful situations as the only daily bread They want you tired and empty, hands tied and blinded eyes, Resignation and submission, a wasted life is the prize! Tied hands for the masters plans, Tied hands are gonna break their chains. They don't want you to be free because freedom is defiance, You could learn how to be happy without giving up your conscience, You could meet different people and start to think by yourself, yYou could find out what they've taught you has always been an empty shelf... And you know that you can do it, you've been waiting for too long, You don't need the life they're offering, cause you want your fucking own, Without fears, without regrets, without masters or commands, The will is in your mind but the power's in your hands. Tied hands for the masters plans, Tied hands are gonna break their chains.
MODERN NIGHTMARE Poisoned rivers, polluted seas, Burned down forests, cut down trees, Millions of animals tortured in vain, Agony for nature, profit for man. The system is creating needs only to make you buy, They say they care for nature, but that's just a fuckin lie, They drain all the resources and sterilize the land They won't stop till there's no more life and nothing left to gain. What we've created is a modern nightmare, Bound for extinction for a hundred fuckin' years, Told to be responsible but driven to consume, It's just a longer journey to the expected doom... Toxic factories, Nuclear waste, Greedy companies manufacturing death, Mass production, the new religion, Destroying Earth for foolish ambitions. Take a look around you and tell me nothing's wrong, The way things are going, it cannot last for long, We must try to think about the future generations, and change this way of life that only brings desperation. How many crimes are we going to witness perpetrated in the name of progress, We are running straight into the wall Who's gonna be there to watch the fall ?
WORLD FOR SALE Houses! houses! who wants some houses ? Holiday homes for the upper class... Suited up liars, greedy bastards, Gonna buy your village, gonna buy your past. The gap gets bigger, the rich get richer, The more they get and the more they want, The world's for sale, and you're worth nothing, So shut up, be grateful, and pay your rent. We're sick and tired of these grasping mentalities, We want fair housing for everyone, No more homelessness and no more disparities Keep your hands off our homes! Yuppies! yuppies! curse of the cities, You think you're clever but you bring no good, Useless fucks causing rent increase, Sucking life out of the neighbourhood Landlord ! Go fuck yourself ! You're only living off the people's sweat, You're so pissed off when the rent is due, But you're never here when we need you ! Squat evictions, gentrification, Forced displacement of the needy nation, To the outskirts, the suburbs, the barren land, Far from the seaside, and far from towns. Hide them, Hound them, let's hunt the poor, 'I like these people ! but not next door !' A nice clean area is what you dream of, A cultural void for your own self comfort... We won't get silenced, we'll face your whims, You can't hide misery, you can't buy peace, Reclaim the land, reclaim the streets, Make some noise so they won't get no sleep!


OV#25 TOXIC RITES - S/T Demo Cassette
150 copies

When bands claim to play old-school anarchopunk these days, the music often ends up sounding like hair-spray retro postpunk. Hailing from the center of Brittany, TOXIC RITES proudly bring back the ‘’punk’’ in ‘’anarchopunk’’ and this six-song demo tape demonstrates why they are one of France’s most promising bands. TOXIC RITES are superbly and effortlessly catchy. The music itself sounds deceptively simple on the surface but the many clever hooks make the songs memorable and show that much thought was given to the details of the songwriting. The songs are mostly fast-paced, energetic and snotty UK-flavoured punk with classic spoken words parts while the slower-paced moments and the dark guitar leads confer to the whole a flowing vibrance and a sense of moodiness that is paradoxically very dynamic. If I were to find points of comparison I would say that TOXIC RITES are not unlike the Belfast anarcho sound of TOXIC WASTE and STALAG 17 with the aggression of early CONFLICT and the catchiness of PASSION KILLERS or BLOOD ROBOTS. But really, I cannot think of any contemporary band that sound close. This anarchopunk heaven. And how anthemic and tuneful do this lot get. The warm vocals are absolutely wonderful as the singer also deals in traditional Irish folk music, meaning that contrary to many, the man can actually sing and takes the songs to a whole other level. Each song is memorable, angry and beautiful at the same time. The lyrics are, of course, political and tackle issues such as mass tourism, ecocide and the commodification of our lives. You will sing along to these class tunes under the shower - when no one’s around - and you will probably sound like a goose that has fallen in an industrial press but you won’t care because TOXIC RITES are just too good not to be sung along to.
(Romain, Terminal Sound Nuisance)


released May 4, 2023

Guitar: ALEX
Bass: KEUL
Drums: MAEL
Vocals: CLEM

Recorded and mixed by Jacky Cadiou (At the Movies Studio) in Brest.
Mastered by Guillaume Brot (Seeding Waves Studio)
Cover Artwork by Koäla
Layout by J.Tubad


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Symphony of destruction Brittany, France

Analog Label & Distro // Crust Punk // from Brittany, West of France

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