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by Symphony of destruction


-end 2019 & 2020 // 520€

-300€ to "GRISELIDIS", a organisation with feminist activists and sex-workers that provide a safe-space, right of heath and justice. They have organized a fund during the COVID-19 period to help sex-workers who are in a very precarious situation now.
You can help to here:

-220€ to "UTOPISTES EN ACTION", an alternative local school (west of France) for migrants that provide a house for the school, accomodation inside, food and more

-05/2020 // 93€ to the project "TU CAMBIO $ ES EL CAMBIO" (You change $, is the change") during 2 weeks with the release TUMBAS Lp. The donations of money is for get non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and pet food for the most vulnerable families in these uncertain and difficult times in Colombia.

-02/2019 - 07/2019 // 103€ to help to rebuild the Women Safe Space of NEEDLE & BITCH, in Yogyakarta / Indonesia!
read more here:

-08/2018 - 01/2019 // 136€ to help funding in solidarity with the anarchist & antifascist collectiv ROUVIKONAS from Athens/Greece

-12/2017 - 07/2018 // 115€ to the CAMPAINGN CELOX,
Revolutionary Solidarity with the female fighters of Rojava, Raqqa, Shengal, Afrin…
With this Celox campaign, led by women for women, we want to show our solidarity with our sisters and comrades in Shengal and Rojava (Afrin, Kobane and Cizre).
Let’s support the women’s military units politically and materially by funding “Celox”, hemostatic dressings.

-08/2017 - 11/2017 // 99€ to CUATRO PATAS, autonomous creativ collectiv who (art-)work (Screenprint/Painting, Music, Theater, Agriculure etc) with children from Tetecala in one of the most violent state in Mexico!! "La casa de artes" have been totaly destroyed by the earthquake in September 2017!

-03/2017 - 07/2017 // 57€ to ABC BELARUS (Anarchis Black Cross)

-11/2016 - 02/2017 // 60€ to KOLEKTIF BETINA / LADYFAST, a feminist collectiv in Indonesia! They also organised the LADY FAST!

-06/2016 - 10/2016 // 43€ to CASA, a local collectif who support the Migrants in Brest (West of France)

We are open to your subjection for help an organization!! write us!


released October 19, 2017



Symphony of destruction Brittany, France

Analog Label & Distro // Crust Punk // from Brittany, West of France

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