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Distracted To Death​​​.​​​.​​​. Diverted From Reality LP


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To Die For 03:20
Their empty stares and the ice-cold vision They’re self-serving men causing our squalid fate We’re encaged and fed but always longing Our sacrifice is no real life Is this worth living for? Is this worth striving for? Am I just passing time while they’re all spreading death? Is this worth fighting for? Is this worth crying for? Obsessed with my own self, distracted by cheap lies Is this worth hurting for? Is this worth starving for? We commit ourselves to pain like rats in a golden cage Is this worth dying for? Is this worth killing for? We destroy all that lives, we are nails in Earth’s coffin
Lo oking out of the window, there’s one thing I can see A mob of servants cheering for His majesty How dare they c all this life? We bow, we hail, we worship Him I gave up my own chi ld to be blessed by this new king Are the dying still a live? Poison This is the greatest walk to the valley of wealth Ignore the fa llen bodies and follow His command How dare they call this life? The silence of the lonely, the violence of the meek We crowned the son of gold to c ontrol our destiny How dare they call this life? Our collective leader will collect our debt We’re back to feudal times and there’s no one else to blame How dare they call this life? He’s seated on a throne with ou r lives in his hands Let’s wipe His smug smi le off His blo ody face
Stand in line men of cccccourage, this is the age of uniforms New void order Bangs on your door The fun is over War has begun New void order Yells in your ears There’s no end to the tunnel Embrace your fears They don’t real ly care if we live or die They do keep us hungry but we don’t starve I won’t real ly care when they come at night I am just too feeble to even cry New void order Blood on the streets The fun is over Hear the marching feet New void order Can you feel the heat? There’s no end to this nightmare Suppress your fears
Beware, beware, oh yes we’ve been warned Your leaders were lying, alienation won Don’t care, don’t care, oh yes we’ve been told You’d rather people die to preserve your throne Playing with our fear, oh yes we’ve been sold To a devouring monster feeding on the poor So many tears, oh yes we’ve been numbed Entertained to death so they can drop their bombs Decry their hate Rearm your rage Tell me brother, how could we be conned Into kneeling at the altar and praying for our doom? Tell me mummy, tell me why To relieve our vanity, we all need to slowly die Father save from your darkest hour The wold we inherit is an open grave God please hear me, absolve my sins I’ve been a nice boy, would you let me in? Disarm their state Defy your fate Why interfere with their power schemes? Are we helpless dogs ruled by angry gods? Why disbelieve all the false prophets? Is my rage so polarized and despair desensitized? We feed, we breed, begging to the sky Too anxious to live and too cowardly to die I want to believe that there’s something more More than economy or the brink of war Protest, survive
Hai l our boys, this great nation’s sons Hail our boys, hail the blood-stained flag Hail our boys, cuz they’re hard and tough They’d beat you black and blue in the name of the lord Hail our boys who protect your freedom Cracking heads is warfare paid for by your welfare state They’re taught to hate, fuck, love and kill Taught to obey, crave for cheap thrills Boys will be boys, that’s how they breed Boys will be boys, that’s why you bleed Hail our boys, fear their combat boots Hail our boys, kiss their tear-gassed breath Hail our boys when they maim and rape Preying on the weak is our national duty Hail our boys when they go charging The glowing truncheons is the price of our liberty
Should I self-destruct? Is this a future? I fantasize about a glory life There’s a little hope for my violent death I can’t relate to what I am Time to rise, I’m already cold Time to shine, there’s no l ight at all Run and hide, break down those wal ls Wish I could burn, it could save my soul Am I on the run or just on my own? Take revenge on the scum My dreams of action are peaceful dreams Is a barricade still a hero’s grave? Rise, shine I can hear thei r cries, I can hear them scoff I need a banner of truth, a righteous war to fight Give me a man to hate, give a man to defend Give me liberation or give me medication
Passivity 04:21
Feeling down, feeling low Al l this anger and frustration Fuel the violence in your mind The need to hurt, the lust for murder Cloud your judgement and your humanity You have picked a random enemy Now a good soldier fighting wars Spil ling blood for your cause It relieves the tension inside your head Can’t you hear the screams of the dead? Now a slave to your master’s voice It’s an endless cycle of pain and tears You believe the lies they feed Can’t even see their own greed Violence for peace


«Distracted To Death​.​.​. Diverted From Reality» – LP
1st pressing 550, October 2021
24″x24″ folded poster sleeve (ala « Crass ») + Obi
co-release with Destructure(Fr) & Les Choeurs de l’Ennui(Fr)

After left us with an exceptional demo in 2016, followed by only one track on a 4-way split EP, while our poor ears was requesting for more in 2009, BARREN?, the Peace-Punkers from Paris finally come with a realistic debut album called "Distracted To Death​.​.​. Diverted From Reality LP" housed in a nice 24"x24" folded sleeve (ala Crass), well brewed in the ol'good anarchopunk 80's tradition!


released October 1, 2021

Romain: Bass & Vocals
Jean-Phi: Guitar & Chorus
Jawad: Drums

Recorded & Mixed, at "At The Movies" studio by Jacky Cadiou, October 2020
Mastered by Mikey Young, March 2021

Artwork by Barreto


all rights reserved



Symphony of destruction Brittany, France

Analog Label & Distro // Crust Punk // from Brittany, West of France

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